Private Yoga Tuition

Everyone’s life is unique to them. Their work, their activity, their ambitions, their stress. Yoga can help every one of us but perhaps the ideal solution is to practice and learn a sequence of Yoga Asanas that is just right for each individual person. Group Yoga classes can be fine but if you really want something that works best for you, something that makes a positive difference in the quickest amount of time, it makes sense to learn a sequence of Asanas that is tailored just for you at this moment of time in your life.

After a phone consultation with me about your life and work and past exercise experiences, I can design for you, your own sequence of Asanas that will be just right for you. I can then teach you them so that you will learn the physical moves with your best possible body position. Building on that we can then further develop your Yoga ability with the associated breathing techniques for each Asana.

If you want more, I can then teach you relevant visualisation exercises that work with your breathing that will bring you invigoration & stimulation or relaxation & deep healing depending on your aims.

My aim is to teach you to become familiar and competent at practising your own tailored Yoga routine, on your own, in a way that will bring you the results you are looking for.

No more travelling or waiting for the next yoga class, you could now develop your Yoga skills whenever you want and wherever you want – perhaps even at peace in some of the nicest areas of the British countryside.

Vrksasana in Wiltshire

Please contact me to find out more about how I can help you.

Prices are based on the numbers of sessions you wish to take until you are confident you would like to do these sequences on your own.

Bookings of 2 ,5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 One to One sessions can be arranged and these can also be split up into three distinct phases with the emphasis on the learning being different at each stage – the physical movements, the breathing and then the visualisation.

The choice is yours. Why don’t you find out what I think the best sequence of Asana’s is for you.