Be a warrior for the light – A relevant quote from Paramhansa Yogananda :- “Unreasoning apprehension is a cause of disease. It is the real germ of all sickness. Therefore, be cautious, not fearful. Do your best to remove the causes of disease and then be absolutely unafraid.”

International Yoga Teacher – Jacqui Macquisten – now teaches Yoga in the city of Bath area of the UK and at occasional retreats & 1:1’s in the USA & Spain 

Why you should do Yoga – Modern living does not treat the mind and body kindly over time – Aches & pains, poor posture, feelings of stress and/or depression are all alleviated through doing Yoga – Click here to find out more

What experience would my Yoga teacher have? –  Over 30 years in the fitness industry, 20+years as a personal trainer and a teacher – Click here to find out more  

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“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees” – B.K.S Iyengar

At the Paramahansa Yogananda Self Realisation Fellowship centre in Encinitas, California in February 2020

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Monday evenings 6.30pm – 7.30pm NOW FULL

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I teach specifically tailored yoga classes for beginners and intermediates and also classes that have been uniquely designed for sports people and their particular discipline. Below is a class I am teaching that includes some of the top sprinters in the UK.

The routines will work on flexibility, balance, agility, endurance, core and overall strength – all tools that help prevent injury and aid in recovery. We also work on Yogic Breathing and Pranayama which is the rhythmic control of the breath.

For details of where I teach Yoga classes please get in touch.

Important information

If it is your first time in coming to my class please can you come 10 mins earlier than the start time so that we have some time before the class begins to go through a few questions.

What I will need to ask you is to let me know if you have any medical conditions, injuries, recent surgeries or if you are pregnant.

I do provide yoga mats, blocks and straps but if you prefer to bring your own that is fine.

Please contact me if there are any questions you need answered – click here to go to the contact page.


My name is Jacqui Macquisten.

I started out as a gymnast at the age of 9 and competed up until the age of 17. Stretching for me was therefore something that became a natural part of my life. I was 18 when I went along to my first yoga class. The teacher was in her 70’s and I was amazed by her. She told me back then that I should teach yoga as I would be good at it and that always stuck in my mind.

At the time though I had just started teaching Aerobics and I wanted to do that for the time being. A few years later I had my two sons. I had always done cross country running when I was young and had kept it up as it had become one of my main passions in life. What helped me with this was my dedication to stretching. It was not long before I started adding weight training to my weekly exercise regime as well as cycling and rowing. Being competitive, I began to do gym competitions and won the Health Club games two years in a row as well as being given the title Britain’s Fittest Woman in 2005

I have now been a personal trainer for over 20 years and have helped many people to lose weight and gain an active healthy lifestyle. However, even though I still regularly exercised and stretched, I began to notice the signs of age. A few aches and pains in my back and neck needed more attention than normal and I had to start taking more notice of my posture. As I got older, I realised that I had to change what I was doing. Yoga was always in the back of my mind and I slowly adapted my exercise routine to include more Yoga.

I was always a lot more relaxed and calmer after doing Yoga and this drew me on to do it even more. Yoga has helped me to stay injury free with my running, cycling and my weight training and it has also helped me avoid any more back or neck pain or posture problems. I feel a lot more balanced physically and mentally from doing my practice.

Yoga had helped me so much that I wanted to start sharing it with others so I decided to become a Yoga teacher. I have now qualified with a level 3 diploma in teaching Hatha yoga and one of my goals is to be able to teach yoga in my 70’s just like the lady who first taught me.    


Email:- Jacquimacquisten@hotmail.co.uk

Mobile:-07765 681629 

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Monday evenings 6.30 – 7pm 

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